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By unleashing the power of Artificial Intelligence, we help businesses ensure regulatory compliances, get answers faster and massively boost productivity.

You have now heard a lot about AI. But you have not seen or feel any real productivity boost in your own business? Sign up today to try Makebell Concierge!

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Makebell offers Hong Kong AI Concierge for various legal verticals. Virtual Assets, Funds, Intellectual Property etc. We provide you tools that help you understand lengthy and complicated legal documents , give accurate and succinct answers to your legal questions, and ensure regulatory compliance for your business.

Virtual Asset Conciege

An AI-powdered chatbot that gives accurate and succinct answers to queries about emerging virtual asset regulations and regimes. It also summarises your key legal issues for your lawyer, saving both sides time and money.

AI Patent Analyzer

An AI patent analyzer that identifies the opportunities, technologies, advantages and potential applications of its portfolio patents for a well-informed Intellectual Property strategy.

Translation Review and Generation Software

A translation review and generation software for SFC-regulated documents to ensure accuracy, consistency and completeness across languages.

Why choose us

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Technology is moving fast. Policies are expanding and getting more complicated. Finding lawyers who really know their stuff is getting harder. Makebell Concierge is here to help.

Deep legal expertise with advanced AI

Our team combines decades of legal experience with cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities, enabling us to develop AI solutions that provide accurate and succinct answers, facilitate investment decisions and ensure regulatory compliance.

Confidentiality and control

We create summaries of your issues and key points for your lawyers - saving time, money - and we keep things private and secure.

Customization and integration

Every firm, every team, every person works differently. We understand there is no one-size-fits all solution. Therefore, we strive to bring technologies to the users, rather than the other way round.

Custom Legal solutions

At Makebell, we also take a tailored approach to integrating AI into legal services. Through close collaboration, we create custom solutions optimized for your needs and work processes.

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We then identify opportunities where AI can drive major efficiencies, cost savings, and insights. Factors like technology maturity, availability of training dataset and cost effectiveness will be taken into account.



Test runs will be conducted with selected users to ensure smooth integration and first-class AI model performance. Continuously improving our solution based on user feedback and data analysis.



We start by deeply understanding your priorities, objectives, needs and concerns – both application and legal.



Working side-by-side, we design and build solutions that fit right into your current work process. We understand new technology may be scary, but we work hard to ensure minimal change and gentle learning curve.



Enjoy the true power of AI! Higher efficiency. Better compliance. Greater confidence in your work.

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